Our Mission
Dancing Thru Life strengthens the emotional and physical well-being by providing dance programs to our youth. Dancing promotes a healthy lifestyle, friendship, confidence and countless other life skills to help all youth to succeed.

Motivating • Educating • Inspiring • Empowering

• Social Skill Set
• Childhood Obesity
• Joy of Dance
• Friendships
• Creativity
• Confidence
• Communication & Teamwork

Develops, Sustains, and Strengthens Our Entire Community Thru Dance

Dancing Thru Life Foundation


Early Development Program

Dancing Thru Life strengthens the emotional and physical well-being of our entire community thru dance. By starting with our Early Development Program, we provide dance programs that promote a healthy lifestyle, make friendships, build confidence and support countless other life skills that empower our youth to succeed.


Young Adults Program

Our Young Adults Program to sustain their dance skills, financially support their college dreams and help create their professional futures within dance. We also consider this the “Give Back Years” because our young adults are givenopportunities to intern for college credit and volunteer within our Early Development Program and Honor Years Program.


Honor Years Program

Our beloved Honor Years Program is designed to support our more experienced adults–whether they are fully active or in assisted living. It is scientifically proven that dance can help adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s, while also improving the physical and mental well-being Our program offers dance studio time for active adults, and special social and dance events at nursing homes and assisted living communities.